My new camera has arrived … Excitement!


Wow, I only ordered this camera yesterday and it’s already arrived! Thank you Amazon! Amazing service. I love this camera already. I’m no expert but the photos I’ve taken already are so sharp. I’ve spent lots of time fiddling about with it, checking out functions in order to try to work out all the settings, googling stuff. I’m definitely excited about learning more about photography and I hope this camera helps me do that. I’d gotten so fed up of my old camera that I’d had for about 3 years, I had actually stopped taking pictures. Now I’m going to catch up on 12 months of Indonesia, totally unphotographed.

Here’s a photo of the amazing piece of machinery I just bought! It looks so sleek!

My new camera!

Gili Trawangan, where I’m heading for my holidays! I’ll update with photos from my exciting new camera when I get back 😀

Gili Trawangan … Images from Web

The white sandy beach of Gili Trawangan, Images from Web.

Actually I think I’ve seen something about a photography walk in Jakarta. Maybe I’ll scout something out when I’m back. I can’t wait to get out and about more in Indonesia. I’ve got a weeks holiday in Gili Trawangan/ Lombok booked for my return to Indonesia. Definitely needed to get to a beach before school starts again. Gili Trawangan, close to Lombok is serene. I really love it. I’ve been there a few times now and it’s definitely one of my favourite places that I’ve been to in Indonesia. I can’t describe how relaxed I feel there except to say that one occasion whilst I was there, I suddenly realised how slowly I was walking and how relaxed I felt both in mind and body. I live such a busy hectic lifestyle in Jakarta that relaxing in the sun on holiday is just heavenly and allows my body time to breathe and rest. Go Vitamin D! I think when we go this time, I’ll do a little diving 🙂 lots of swimming, eat at nice beach bars for breakfast and have big bowls of fresh tropical fruit and head to the nice Italian restaurant for dinner. I’ll play lots of fun card games and watch the sunset sink beneath the bright lights of the illuminated boats from the wooden pier 🙂


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