Early Years Teaching is Fun !


Here’s a video I made of my students showing how they develop the 10 attributes of the IB Learner Profile in our Early Years Classroom. Enjoy!

Oh my goodness, the fun I have teaching 4-5 year olds totally makes up for the hard work I put in every day. They literally make me giggle everyday. Thought I’d share some of my thoughts on why I love teaching the teeny children!

1. They are hilariously funny. Once, I asked one of my boys if he had made a gun with the construction toys … knowing this was disapproved of, he looked at me and said … ‘No.’ I said, ‘Oh wow that’s funny because it really looks like a gun! What is it then?’ He replies ‘ I can’t tell you, it’s a secret!’ . Ha, quick thinking there! I let him continue with his game. Another time, two of my boys were being ‘Pirates’ and searching for treasure around the classroom using tubes for telescopes. Peering through his telescope, one of the boys said ‘I see Treasure! Come’ motioning to his friend. To which his friend stared at him with disdain and said ‘No, don’t be silly – that’s the rubbish bin!’. Absolutely classic. Today, singing our ‘continent song’, one of my funniest boys looked at me and said ‘I don’t like this song, we live in Indonesia and it doesn’t say Indonesia in the song! He was somewhat placated when I told him Indonesia was in Asia but only just. LOL. I showed them a video once of my scuba diving (I’m big on sharing with them the enormity and beauty of our earth and helping them know there’s a whole wide world out there for them to explore) and ever since then, everytime I put a video of underwater scenes (We live in Indonesia, one of the most amazing areas of diverse aquatic life in the world) they tell each other excitedly ‘There’s Miss Kielly!’ whenever they see a scuba diver. I’ve tried telling them it’s not me, but they are completely convinced! Okay, yes that is me guys, I am the only scuba diver in the whole world!

2. They are so easily amused. It’s mind boggling. One of my children brought in her ‘favourite book from home’ to share. It was in Dutch. I said to the class, ‘Oh wow, I don’t know Dutch but I’ll try to read it for you!’ I proceeded to make a fairly decent attempt at speaking Dutch ( I can speak German) and the whole class were literally in hysterics to the point where I’m looking at my Teaching Assistant as if to say, ‘Is this really that funny?!’ Every word I spoke, they were quite literally rolling about on the carpet giggling beyond explanation! Yesterday I started a ‘secret password’ on the classroom door which they have to read when they come in and ‘whisper in my ear (remember it’s a secret!)  to help develop our beginning ‘reading skills. The first ever word was ‘box’ … you would not even believe how exciting they find this ‘secret password’! The first day I started it, the first little girl who came in was so hugely excited to find we had a secret password that every time a classmate walked in with their bags, she ran over to them literally as they walked in, almost tripping over her own feet in her haste to whisper loudly to them about it and drag them to the door to show them! Bless, one of my little girls got a little bit confused and asked me all day ‘But when will we open the mystery box?’ LOL.Today my kids thought the most hilarious thing ever was to run off the roofed path into the rain giggling with excitement at the prospect of raindrops falling on their head. It reminds me of the simple pleasures in life and not to take life so seriously. They keep me young in my mind, even in the stress of the busy working day.

3. They literally spend all day trying to please me. (mainly my adorable girls) Oh it’s the cutest. One of most adorable girls tells me all the time ‘It’s okay Miss Kielly, we can do whatever you want, don’t worry about it, I don’t mind what we do now because I just want you to be happy!’ Ahhhhhh. One of my parents of the most gorgeous girl told me that she had been talking to her daughter the day before and the little girl had announced .. ‘Next year, in K2 I’m going to have Miss Kielly as my teacher you know’ to which Mummy said ‘Oh that’s lovely but I think you might have a new teacher’. The girl replied saying ‘Oh but it would be so nice to have Miss Kielly again. Do you think I could just repeat K1 next year so she can be my teacher again?!’ Ahhhhh, hearing these things makes me so happy!! The girls LOVE to give me hugs all day and tell me ‘I love you Miss Kielly!” How wonderful. I love it!

4. They are so naturally curious. Despite being asked questions all day long, I never tire of it … I mean they just love exploring and finding about the world around them. If I can help them love school, my job is done. Seriously, that’s my biggest goal. Enjoy school. If you don’t enjoy school at 4, there’s something seriously wrong.

I might need to start a page on here called ‘The hilarious things my kids say’. Yes, I think I will!

Tons of people say to me, ‘Oh I could never work with tiny children’. You are seriously missing out!


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