Action is a Powerful and Great Thing


Image by canale666 from Flickr

Today has been a wonderful day. I have been overwhelmed by the action and compassion of people around me. I have seen how taking action can lead to positive and wonderful things.

Andreas, the homeless man, I worried so much about in my last post has been helped today by the compassion and action of some very great people. Having spoken to Rick, a colleague at school who teaches CAS and does great things at school yesterday, this morning, Dharma, Rick and I went to see Andreas. They were quite shocked by his condition. He was so sick this morning, he could not respond to us, and lay there in the heat of the day, alone on the road. We decided we needed to take action and fast.

Having left Rick and Dharma, I hoped we could help Andreas. Little did I know what amazing things these guys were up to whilst I taught my class. Late in the afternoon, I received an email from Rick which raised my spirits immeasurably. Rick informed us that they had picked up Andreas and brought him to school where the Nurse had checked him out. Dharma had found an amazing NGO charity, only an hour away in Bekasi which would take Andreas and he had already been taken there by the school. He would be looked after there at the cost of 30,000 rupiah a day, that’s roughly 30 US cents or 30 pence (UK).

Rick will put out a message in the Daily Bulletin asking Staff to donate should they want to in order for us to pay his healthcare bills for at least a month so he can recover. Rick also said the NGO’s will try to contact his family, if he has any. This is such wonderful news. Andreas is being cared for and looked after. He has been rescued, which I think is not too dramatic a word, from the streets to a place which can truly help him. I pray that his recovery goes well.

 I am beyond thrilled that people have been moved by Andreas plight as much as I was, and others at school who also raised concerns and that by taking action, we have been able to help in such a tremendous way 😀 I have been moved by the compassion of others and the way in which the collective action taken has resulted in such happy news.

It’s funny, teaching in Kindergarten, it’s very hard to feel, see or understand ‘action’ by my students in the sense of action described by the IB. My students are very young, and their actions might be simply to pass on their learning at home, or something simple such as re-using cardboard boxes/ junk from home because we have looked at the concept of recycling in class. It’s been hard for me to understand ‘Action’ as part of the Inquiry cycle because it is necessarily limited in the age range I teach. However today, I have seen Action in action, and I understand the impact it can have on people, places, minds and perceptions. I am beginning to understand that the biggest part of the Inquiry cycle is to take action, to take all that you have learnt and be inspired to make change. I am inspired to try to help my students in class understand more about action and how much their own actions can change events or perspectives, even if they are only 4… Slowly but surely, the IB philosophy and curriculum is becoming much clearer to me and I see more and more just how effective a curriculum it is. How this kind of curriculum is the kind I want to be part of, to be helping students be part of, to engage them in their learning in such an effective way.

This is how I feel today after such good news!

Image by Toxic Cupcake from Flickr


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