Okay, I don’t write much poetry. I haven’t written much poetry in years. Poetry feels a lot harder for me to write. I feel the pressure of being less rambling than in my speech. And I talk a lot. I find it harder to condense my thoughts. Still it’s a challenge and I am learning. and I tried! So here goes:



26 years of age am I.

836253504 pacy seconds

and 232292 longer days.

26 years of life,

and 26 years of learning.


the dawn is only just rising.

Triumphing in impatient glorious sunshine.

Life is clearer now.

My journey is clearer.

The reasons for my existance

Do not trouble and perplex me so much.

I accept what this life is.

And that I can never know

any bigger purpose.


than the knowing of myself.

I see now,

That all we can do

Is live this life

Being the best that you can be.

Becoming the best that you can be.

To be this, mistakes must be made.

For how could else would we learn.

These lessons are our teachers.


Or repeat mistakes enough times until you do.

Mistakes are not made by the young only.

The older make just as many.

The young make their mistakes often for the first time.

The older make many of these too,

Yet many first mistakes are taught time and time again

to a reluctant student.

Recognise others mistakes as just that.

 Learning by another.

Hold less resentment.

Offer more love and understanding.

Be kind and patient.

Slow down.

Be a better you.

For who else will.


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  1. I like how the centered font gives the poem an hourglass shape.

    I’ve never published a poem (even on a blog). This year, I’m teaching a poetry unit for the first time. I’ll be relying on my teaching partners for inspiration and better appreciation of poetry.

    Any advice you could give would be great too :).
    Janet | expateducator.com

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