Childhood dreamers …


My first and enduring ambition was to be a doctor. To help others. To this day, I maintain I’d make an excellent psychiatrist.

I also thought seriously about joining the army. I remember I saw a programme all about woman in the army on TV. I really considered it. For a short while.

I thought I might be a lawyer. Then I thought about being a crime scene investigator. Can you tell I am of a generation who grew up with CSI? However on realisation that a job in Newcastle as a CSI investigator probably wouldn’t be as glossy as LA or NY, the dream faded somewhat.

I thought about speech therapy or physiotherapy.

I thought I could be an author. I still think I could publish a book. I am working on one. Sci – fi.

There were jobs I didn’t even know existed when I was 18.

I didn’t fall into teaching. But it wasn’t something I considered till my final year at University studying English Lit. Thinking about what I was going to do now, I didn’t know. I could try to make it as a writer. Or …  em, well I wasn’t really sure there was much else I could do with an English Literature degree. I finally thought about teaching, a career my mother had always encouraged me to enter. Since then I’ve never looked back. Teaching is a wonderful, wonderful job. A job which challenges and inspires me. A job I learn from every day.

Working with young learners, I see people who genuinely can be anything they want to be. At 4 years old, anything is possible. You can fly your rockets to the moon. You can buy a car or indeed anything, money is no object. You can be an astronaut or work with dinosaurs which clearly are still alive. You can be a princess in a fluffy pink tower. You can be a monster truck driver. You can fly planes, you can be a hero. You can be anything!

Working with 4 year olds reminds me of this magical time when the world is anything you want it to be. It also helps remind me to help our students believe. To know they can do anything. Their future is not yet made. Inspire them.


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