I’m making plans for the summer and I just can’t wait to go home. I can’t describe how lovely it is to spend time with your family when you’ve been away for a year or so from them, and experienced, worked and lived a life they only heard snippets about.

My family are wonderful. My sister and I are adopted and were offered a loving and safe home by our amazing mum and dad when we were almost 5. I can’t describe how much they have supported me in everything I have done, even when I wasn’t particularly loveable. My twin sister is amazing, a kind and generous individual who makes me giggle often with her stories.

I’m making plans to visit a friend and go to a Pearl Jam gig when I’m home. I’m excited about getting back to BSBB, my kickboxing club run by and full of an amazing group of friends and similarly enthusiastic martial art fans and students like myself. I find kickboxing highly therapetic. Not only do I have a second family with that group of people but I get to punch and kick stuff and fight people in a legal and competitive sport! I love exercising the competitive demon inside me and pushing myself to achieve.

I can’t wait to visit friends and see them back at home. I am lucky enough to have a number of friends who despite, me living overseas welcome me in to their lives when I return, oh so briefly. Those kind of friends you can just pick up with without having been in touch for months or years. The ones who are always there when you need someone to talk to or celebrate with.

Home holds a special place for me. I know it’s always there, warm and comforting. I choose to live overseas myself and work in an International Schools circuit but one of my favourite times of the year is going home and seeing everybody and remembering the life England holds for me. I also love seeing new places and having new, and often cultural and personal journeys and experiences every day whilst I live and work in another far flung country from home. I teach overseas partly simply because I desire to learn more about people and humanity. I love to see the commonality of humans, across the earth, our planet we are fortunate enough to exist upon. The only planet which supports life as we know it in the galaxies we have managed to explore so far. The only planet to have just the right conditions and coincidental (or fate ridden) changes to evolve into what we see and live today.

I like to interact with other people, share with them a different life. I like to experience and learn about people. As far as I see it, we are simply one people on many journeys. No matter where we live, we are born, we play, we work, we live within societal and cultural restraints, we celebrate, we love and eventually we all die. I have this great coffee table book called just that ‘One people, many journeys’ and it is simply gorgeous. Stunning pictures of people all over our globe, doing similar things but in different ways. Absolutely beautiful.

I love to work with small children. The innocence of a child is magical. Working in a school with different language and culture is wonderful. To be a teacher of my classes, and an early years practitioner and learner myself, is inspiring. I am and feel so lucky to be living the life I am now.

… And I can’t wait to share all my experiences and listen and celebrate experiences and happenings with those I love at home.

See you soon Newcastle and England! 😀 1 month exactly, to the date, till I am back!


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  1. It sounds like you have family and friends at home that are well-traveled. I find myself having to first explain that I don’t live in a hut, students in my school speak English, and I am not a volunteer :).

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