Oh Em Gee. Can I play this?



This is my latest cello piece to practice and it’s so hard! There are so many shifts on the fingerboard which need to be effortless given the speed this piece is supposed to be played at. Cello’s don’t have fretboards. If you get it wrong, you get it way wrong. This piece is not only ridiculously fast but there are some funny, syncopated rhythms that keep catching me out. I’ve been working in this piece for about just over a week now and I’m just about starting to get somewhere with this. And by that, I mean I can play all of the notes in tune (most of the time). Not that I have mastered any musicality or control in this piece.

If I’m feeling brave, I’ll post a video of me trying to play this piece (gulp!)  It’s really great to be able to take videos of my practice. I took a video right after my very first lesson on the cello and it’s going to be so interesting to be able to look back at these videos in the future and see how I progressed over time 😀


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