My kids are so funny, I have to share this stuff with you. I’ll update it as and when I overhear hilarious conversations or have children tell me the funniest things! I often forget bu the end of the day and they say so many hilarious things so I’ll try my best. Enjoy! x

1. Two children in role play as ‘Pirates’ searching for treasure around the classroom. One boy is peering through his cardboard tube telescope and announces excitedly ‘I see Treasure!’ motioning for his friend to investigate with him to which his friend gave him a very unimpressed look and said with distaste in his voice – ‘No, don’t be silly, that’s the bin!’.

2. A child who has been absent for months. I overheard the tail end of a conversation at snacktime where her friends were saying ‘Oh we thought you were sick!’. I asked her what she had said. She replied ‘Oh I said I was on holiday, that’ why I haven’t been here!’. LOL.

3. Playing sleeping lions  ( and my kids just love it ) I said to one boy  tapping him – ‘Wow, you’re so still, I think you might actually be sleeping!’ to which he replied excitedly ‘No, I’m not sleeping Miss Kielly! I’m playing sleeps!’  lifting his head to emphasise the point to me missing the point of the game a little. Bless.

4. Telling the class about the fun science experiment we will be lucky enough to take part in, (Big thanks to Miss. Jane!) … I say ‘We will be making rockets guys! How high do you think they might fly?’ to which one boy shouts out excitedly ‘To the moon! ‘ Bless.

5. ‘Miss Kielly, Miss Kielly, I have a hamster too! He’s white and his name is Mr. Choppy. And he’s dead.’

6. Miss Kielly, I have ten thousand people in my family … (STARES AT ME SERIOUSLY) .. AND I’m not joking you know.’

7. The kids found the App store on the Mac desktops and were really excited about getting games. I said ‘Well how are you going to buy them, you don’t have any money’. ‘Miss Kielly do you have money?’ … ‘Em, yes’ … ‘WELL GIVE US !’ … yes ‘give us’ worded as exactly that. Lol.


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