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Happy Christmas everybody!


What a wonderful day and how lucky I was to be able to spend it at home with my parents and family. Delicious food cooked by always amazing Mum and Dad made us giggle so much when he put on a winter hat he had unwrapped and looked suspiciously like a pixie. LOL. Sitting now enjoying chocolate treats … great day. Watched the Ab Fab special on BBC1. I thought it was good although mum wasn’t so keen. Got some wonderful gifts including a fab black and pink watch and some really nice makeup 😀

Last year was not such an occasion. I was in the Philippines travelling for 2 weeks with my friend, Angela at Christmas time before I moved to Indonesia to take up my new post. Angela is a great friend who I met in China a few years ago when we were both teaching ESL at the same school. That last holiday was actually pretty great ! Boracay was super gorgeous, a really nice place to spend a few days. We climbed a mountain overlooking Lake Taal and also spent a few days in Puerto Galera. We actually did our first scuba dive there! It was pretty exciting! The beach in Boracay was so shallow so you could wade out in the blue beautiful sea for ages and still be able to touch the bottom. It was a great great beach holiday. On Christmas Day, we were in Manila at a nice B&B owned by a French couple. I remember we ate at Jollibee on Christmas Day itself, quite a different feast from today’s delicious roast turkey dinner 😀 Jollibee is The Filipino alternative to Burger King or Maccy D’s. It was okay I guess. I remember the only gift I got last year on Christmas day was a nail clipper in a pot luck present giving organised by the owners of the B&B. I remember I felt a little shortchanged since I’d put in a whole bottle of Gin!

Anyway, this Christmas has been wonderful, sharing this wonderful day with my family. Watched the Queen’s speech with Grandma. Oh she was so cute watching it. I liked it too actually. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family who love me so much. I truly love them and miss them each when I’m away teaching. I feel so lucky that they are understanding of my ambitions to pursue my teaching career overseas and I love coming back to see them because I do truly miss their company and love when I’m away for a long time. One of goals this year coming is to keep more up to date with people, especially emailing friends and family. I’m also hoping that continuing this blog will enable them to feel more connected with me 😀