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Why I love Martial Arts


Martial arts are one of my favourite things to do ever. Genuinely, I find being able to participate in such a fantastic sport thrilling. I’ve done many martial arts in my life … Karate all the way through my childhood, kickboxing for 5 years with my amazing club in Newcastle, Team BSBB (more about them later) .. Tae Kwon Do in China, Thailand and the Philippines and Muay Thai in Jakarta!

I can’t describe the terror that runs through my head when I’m up on the mat about to fight somebody. It really is terrifying. Somebody is trying to hit me. I will do all I can to stop them. My view is that if I can hit them first, I’m in with a good chance. Luckily I’m pretty fast and accurate with my kicks. My hands might not be so good but my legs are long, quick and honestly, I don’t even need to aim at somebody’s face, my foot just finds it. Sounds harsh but true. Re reading this, I realise I sound a little like a maniac. I am not I promise! It’s been too long since I’ve been truely involved with a great club. Which is a real shame.

In Newcastle, my home in the UK, there is the most amazing club, TEAM BSBB which is run by a superb guy called Rick Burns. (Hence the name Burns School of Black Belts). What a great club … it honestly is my second home. Whenever I am at home, I know I can head there and feel right at home, regardless of how long I’ve been away. SO a big shout out to all my amazing martial arts friends who train there and make me feel so welcome. You guys are awesome. If you live in Newcastle and are considering doing a sport, check it out .. http://bsbb.co.uk/

The day I got my black belt was one of the best days in my life. I remember just how excited I was for the final ‘test’. 3 months of hell during cycle training (3 months of punishing training as you prepare for your black belt) couldn’t have put me off.

Getting my Black belt! (With Rick Burns @ BSBB)

Other highlights of my martial arts experiences have been … winning an English Title Fight in 2009 (most amazing feeling ever … although I had to will my body onto the mat .. see above about how I feel knowing people want to hit me!) Check out the video of my fight on youtube .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=117TXlEpBJI... Training with escrima sticks in the Philippines with my amazing friend and co teacher, Norma, learning pressure points .. lethal stuff. I remember learning and the guy teaching us said ‘No use being nice, if you want to learn how to do pressure points, practice it properly now with your partner. Boy did we learn how it felt to be stunned with a pressure point.

Escrima Sticks with Norma in the Philippines
Practising on the beaches of Koh Chang, Thailand